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Standardized Processes

Paper-based workflow processes are inefficient. Documents, and sometimes entire files may be transferred from one staff member to another for approval, resulting in numerous opportunities to go missing. Electronic documents (i.e., PDF files, spreadsheets, etc.) are often emailed back and forth for review or approval. This is arguably better than physically passing documents back and forth, but it typically results in multiple copies (or versions) being stored on different PCs, in different Outlook® folders, etc. Which file can be considered the legally-mandated "official record" and which ones are to be considered copies?

In virtually 100% of implementations, we discover that the same task is being performed 2, 3, or 4 different ways - even in the same department

DocumentLOK™, can bring automated efficiencies to these manual processes, giving you the confidence that your processes are being completed the same way, every time. DocumentLOK™, will also create an irrefutable audit trail, logging:

• When a staff member logged in or out;
• When a document was scanned or imported into the system (and by whom);
• When and how a document was indexed, and/or reindexed (and by whom);
• If and when a document was moved from one data collection to another (and by whom);
• If and when a copy was printed or uploaded (and by whom);
• At which workstation the action was performed;
• If a document was simply viewed (and by whom); and even
• What searches were executed (and by whom), whether or whether not any documents were returned.

You regain complete control over every document and electronic file - creating accountability and supporting your regulatory compliance initiatives.