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Bull Valley Software is a leading international provider of image capture, document management, workflow management and compliance management solutions. With almost 100 years of combined experience in software development, consulting, project management and sales, the management team of Bull Valley Software is well-equipped to handle your organization's document and content management needs.

While most document management software providers focus solely on selling you their software product, Bull Valley Software places an equal importance on giving you the highest quality implementation program possible. In addition to providing a complete technical installation of your new DocumentLOK™ solution, our Professional Services Group will conduct a thorough analysis of your current business practices and customize our software so that it non-invasively meshes with your existing policies and procedures - including a seamless integration with your line-of-business, student information system (SIS), or customer relationship management (CRM) system(s). We then follow up with a comprehensive training program to educate your staff on the effective use of your new DocumentLOK™ solution.

If, however, your organization does not need a custom solution, we are also able to provide you with a more simplified implementation, utilizing our standardized integration models - available for most of the popular accounting, line-of-business, SIS, and CRM packages.

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