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IdentiFile™: Automating The Process Of Bursting, Indexing, & Filing Mass-Created Documents

report-cardTranscripts. Report cards. Assessment test reports. Invoices. Statements. Consent forms. Waivers. How many do you generate every month, every semester, or every quarter? 1,000? 3,000? 10,000? 50,000? 100,000 or more? Does each individual report card make it into each student's cumulative file? If you're like most districts or companies, that answer is "no" ? simply because the process of manually bursting and filing each copy into the appropriate student or customer file is just too labor-intensive.

IdentiFile™ is here to help. IdentiFile™ bursts each report card (or transcript, waiver, assessment report, invoice, etc.) into individual documents, then "reads" the document to extract any information needed to accurately index and file the document. If additional information is needed to properly index and file each document, IdentiFileTM can pull the information from your Student Information System (SIS) or other line-of- business application to complete the filing process without human intervention.

To learn more about IdentiFile™ and how it can help your district or company, just demo