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What if you could have instant access to
ALL patient records - not just the data in
your EMR? What if you could accomplish
that AND reduce your compliance worries -
all with ONE application?

EMR software has done wonders for streamlining patient record keeping. But there are still gaps. EMRs don't manage ALL of a patient's documents or records. The expectation of instant access to every document and record has not been met. Until now. With DocumentLOK™, you can finally have all patient information in one central repository, leveraging a seamless integration to link supporting documentation with your patient EMR and allowing you to retrieve linked documents without ever having to leave your EMR.

Now imagine that this same application can also reduce your HIPAA compliance worries. DocumentLOK's impenetrable 256-bit encryption protects you from external dangers, while its incomparable security infrastructure can eliminate unauthorized access - letting you rest easier, knowing that your patients' confidential information is well-protected. Constant monitoring and complete audit trails provide insight as to who is accessing, or trying to access, which documents and records.

CLICK HERE to learn more about DocumentLOK™ and how it can save you a trip to the ER by eliminating the stress associated with paper-based document systems.