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Products & Services

Being an industry leader carries with it some serious responsibility. Bull Valley Software does not take that responsibility lightly. We are, therefore, focused solely on protecting your data, documents, and your organization as a whole. We do that by leveraging our technologies to help you not only secure your data and business records, but also bolster your regulatory compliance, complete your disaster recovery plans, streamline your processes, increase staff productivity and more.


While our award-winning technologies put us out in front, we are not “so far out there” that we are treading in untested waters. When it comes to your organization, your data, and your business records, there is no room for experimentation. All of Bull Valley Software’s leading-edge solutions are secure and thoroughly tested before ever going out to an end user.

To these ends, we offer the following products and services:

DocumentLOK™: Document Management Platform
IdentiFile™ Burst-and-file Module
bvSCAN™: Image Capture & Distribution Solution
BDR/BC: Backup, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Services