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What if, by implementing just ONE software
solution, increase customer service,
streamline loan / financial service
operations, AND all but eliminate audit
worries - all at the same time?

Too good to be true, you ask? Not with DocumentLOK™. With DocumentLOK™ your front-line employees can instantly respond to requests for copies of transactional documents, verify Powers of Attorney, or verify questionable signatures. Loan or investment staff can have instant access to ALL required applications and supporting documents, allowing for more accurate and faster decisions. Automatic version control helps manage those processes where documents need to be updated or modified during the processing cycle. Streamline M&A processes with immediate access to previously-stored and incoming documents - even from multiple sources.

DocumentLOK™ utilizes impenetrable 256-bit encryption to protect your and your clients' sensitive information from outside attacks. Our industry-leading security infrastructure protects documents and records from internal threats by controlling who has access to what documents, and even segregating data collections to satisfy SEC 17(a)-4 regulations. Poor audit performance is expensive ? not only in fines, but also in potential damage to your reputation. These features and more help remove the stress previously inherent to the audit process.

DocumentLOK™ makes filing and retrieving documents a breeze, too. Thanks to our seamless integration to banking, CRM, HR, and accounting applications, the filing and retrieval of documents can be reduced to only a couple of mouse clicks - and you never have to leave your line-of-business application to do it, either!

CLICK HERE to learn more about DocumentLOK™ and how it accomplish all of these tasks AND boost staff productivity by as much as 16+ days per year per employee.