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What if you could spend less time on
administrative tasks and more time on
student - and parent-facing activities?

With DocumentLOK™, you can. By bringing all of a student's documents and records together in one central repository, you'll never have to search in who-knows- how-many different locations for a document. Customizable business rules can automatically kick in to assign the proper access privileges for only the appropriate staff member(s), and even route the document to the right department with little to no human intervention. FERPA, HIPAA, and Title I compliance can be put on auto-pilot.

Filing and retrieving documents can be reduced to just a couple mouse clicks. DocumentLOK™ can pull the necessary indexing information (metadata) from your SIS, eliminating manual entry and allowing you to retrieve documents without ever having to leave your SIS.

These are just some of the benefits that you could experience with DocumentLOK™. CLICK HERE to learn how you can gain 16+ days productivity per staff member per year, cut certain operating expenses by 66%-75% and more, with DocumentLOK™.