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What if you could build a solid, secure
infrastructure to support student services,
and reduce the time spent on
administrative tasks at the same time?

With DocumentLOK™, you can. Imagine streamlined enrollment and financial aid processes, where the required applications and supporting documents are uploaded directly into a central repository of student records and documents. Imagine streamlined communication and collaboration between students and faculty. Imagine never losing a document or file again... or waiting days, even weeks for document transfers.

Imagine a seamless integration between DocumentLOK™ and your student information system, reducing document filing and retrieval to just a couple mouse clicks. But don't stop there. Imagine similar process automation in your HR department, procurement management, grants, contract management, facilities management, and more.

Now stop imagining and start implementing. CLICK HERE to learn more about DocumentLOK™ and how it can change the way you look at documents and records.