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bvSCAN™ : Setting The Standard For Image Capture And Distribution

scanner Digital copiers, multi-function peripherals (MFPs), or multi-function devices (MFDs)… whatever name or acronym they go by, they are powerful (and expensive) assets that are often under-utilized in an organization.

bvSCAN™ allows an organization to leverage these valuable assets, along with dedicated scanners, to transform paper-based information into digital records and efficiently distribute them across your network, or across the world.

But bvSCAN™ does not stop there. Scanned documents can not only be distributed, they can also be tagged with indexing information (metadata), and integrated into DocumentLOK™, other document management systems, database applications, web sites, and more.

Some of the functionality bvSCAN™ brings to an organization include:

• Centralized batch scanning [pre-process and/or post-process]
• Distributed batch scanning [pre-process and/or post-process]
• Automated barcode recognition
• Detached indexing
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
• Zonal OCR
• Automated polling of network folders
• Interface with digital copiers, MFPs, and MFDs
• Interface with network-attached scanners
• Multiple scan presets for ultimate flexibility in scanning
• Automated image enhancement (deskewing, despeckling, etc.)
• Automatic image rotation
• Color drop-out
• Duplicate-scan prevention
... and more